I am

I’m Morena Fiore, a web developer based in Tottenham, North London with 10 years experience. I’ve worked for a variety of clients, from small startups to worldwide agencies, building responsive websites and hybrid apps.I’m a hard working and flexible individual, I easily adapt to any project and technology at any stage of the development.

I Make

I specialise in UI work and WordPress websites.As a contractor developer, I can support teams and projects of any size, from sole UI work, to supporting backend (PHP with WordPress) or JavaScript devs, with React knowledge.

My Story

I trained as PHP developer at Mind Unit in 2008, then worked on a variety of projects as a contractor, including API integration work, WordPress websites and complex plugins. I’ve worked at HeathWallace for 5 years building websites for the financial sector, as well as React apps. I’ve focused on extensive browser list compatibility as well as accessibility.


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Years of experience


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Here are a few samples of my work, from UI (HTML, CSS, SASS) sole development, to WordPress and API integrations.

Some examples of Back End WordPress work done on the projects below:


  • Built a RSS aggregator to import blog posts as custom posts from different WPP blogs

Zopa – blog migration to WordPress

  • Built functionality to import old blog posts written in markdown into WordPress, including categories and images.
  • JavaScript on page category filter


  • complex 2 level carousel displayed on current homepage from custom post type to work as an online manual for their app to explain all the app functionality
  • extension of Events Manager plugin integrating it into Google Maps to display all the events on a map

London Chamber Orchestra

  • JavaScript filtered archive page with previous concerts
  • Use of Advanced Custom Fields to add additional concert details on concert custom posts
  • Theming – different templates for the different sections with different colours and backgrounds


  • Set up a sign up form to collect customer’s data and integrate it with their API

Psicologia Londra –┬átherapists can purchase a space on the website by subscription

  • Extension of Woocommerce Subscription to display the customers (therapists) on a registry on the website
  • Visitors can then filter (JS) the registry by skills
  • Multilanguage site with WPML

Open Eyes

  • Created Front End User registration
  • Visitors can log issues onto customer’s JIRA on the website (Integration with JIRA API)
  • Customer can upload product demos on the website uploading CSS and JavaScript files through the admin (custom functionality). Each demo then uses the corresponding JS and CSS files to run.


Here is a summary of my skills and expertise.
I’m an adaptable and flexible developer, happy to work on any projects, picking up new technologies and frameworks along the way.

WordPress Development0%

WordPress websites for craft businesses

As a maker myself at kodes.me.uk, I know how important is to get your work online and attract more sales. I build easy to update e-commerce websites in WordPress, with full control over your online shop and SEO.