On a website I am working on there is a cross domain AJAX (specifically a CORS call using an OPTIONS HTTP method) getting fired up but getting nowhere, the error I was getting in the browser was marked as net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE It looked like the AJAX call was not getting refused by the receiving server, but was not even leaving my computer: looking at the XHR call made in the browser inspector, we could tell only Provisional Headers were getting sent. We wasted a lot of time around this, trying to figure out what was wrong, mainly thinking it was something to … Continue reading

get_the_post_thumbnail() is a very useful WordPress function, but I tried to cheat and set up an image of a X size to then resize it to half the size so that it would look good on Retina displays. Shame get_the-post_thumbnail() returns the full <img> tag rather than just a URI, so I tried to pass some arguments, like class but also width and height, likeso $args = array( ‘class’ => “desktopOnly”, ‘width => ’240′, ‘height’ => ’444′, alt’ => trim( strip_tags( $concert["post_title"] ) )); $photo = get_the_post_thumbnail($concert["ID"], “concert-listing”, $args ) ; Shame that my height and width attributes were ignored, … Continue reading

It is almost 1am, it’s Saturday night and I have not been clubbing or partying with my friends tonight. I have worked on my latest freelance project writing a Policy about Cookies. What a bore you would think. Instead I went to bed feeling contented with myself, no, that’s not enough, I felt bloody good. All of this just because today I wrote my first Node.js app. I lied in bed thinking “WOW, I did that”. I actually understood every bit of code me and my friend Davide wrote (following his guidance). “So, we all wrote Node.js apps at least once … Continue reading

I am so pleased to announce that London Web Standards is organising State of the Browser (a conference on the Browsers and their new features) for the third year. Last year was an amazing experience. For the first time I had given 100% not only to preparing a conference but also to run it during the day. I missed all of the sessions, except a couple, but I definitely enjoyed being there, it felt like being part of the future One thing I noticed was that, while we put had together a very Browser-focused conference (by inviting Browser Representatives to … Continue reading

One of the tasks as organiser of Titanium App Camp is to write a collaborative Hackathon survivor’s guide, so here are my tips, according to my possibly limited experience. I have attended 5 hackathons in the past 3 years and all of them have been quite challenging. I’ve won none and I hated not winning so next time I think I will follow my checklist more than my heart 0. Don’t be scared/shy I don’t want to hear any excuses “but I’m only a designer, I can’t code”. Nobody will witch hunt you for that. There are coders like me who are … Continue reading

On a personal level 2012 has definitely been the hardest year in a while… The scary bits The scariest thing (it would appear to be) is that I have left a permanent job and went Freelance. When I did it I was not scared. The work has come in regularly and I have not been without work for longer than a week. Except now. And for the first time I am scared I will not find something. I should definitely write a separate post on encouraging people on starting contracting in Web Development, but I am not sure some employers … Continue reading

One of the requests I got from my current client is to embed Google Groups discussions into a page/post on WordPress. First of all before you read further, I think you should consider your Google Group settings – public or private? If you make your group private (members only, so users have to apply to get access to the group content) you won’t be able to expose it to the public and this works also if you embed it. The same should stand for exposing the group through API but I have not tested this yet, in this post I … Continue reading

You might want to add Events to your WordPress site, but, as you might have noticed, WordPress does not display posts in the future, which are marked as “Scheduled” in the admin but “future” in the database (under post_status instead of “publish”). The setup Create a new Category if you have not already in Posts->Categories. Let’s call it “events” Add your posts to the “event” category, then retrieve the category ID from clicking on Posts->Categories on the left hand admin menu. When in Categories click on the category “events” and in the URL you will find the ID – make … Continue reading

Form submitting to a 404 page in Wordpress, the problem is with the value “name” for a name attribute of one of the fields! Continue reading