Hi, I am Morena, Web developer & SEO Consultant.

I have specialised in building WordPress websites because I believe WordPress can pivot and grow with your business as you grow it.

Web Development has always been my passion since I was a bored teenager in Southern Italy who started exploring computers during what you might call Siesta time of the day.

Many years after, here I am in the UK – I have worked as a Web Developer professionally since 2008 for all size agencies for clients such as HSBC and Specsavers, as well as early days start-ups.

Today I am the head of a small North London Web development & SEO agency and I help small and medium sizes business with their websites: from audits, to building custom websites, to SEO.


Why I am different

I am not your typical developer! I won’t hide behind the laptop and shy away from client meetings: I am very personable and have developed excellent client-facing skills as well as an ability to discuss and explain technical concepts in a less technical way to any audience.

I believe in empowering my clients, so I teach them how to use their website and I give them full access to their website and hosting.

I also run a product based e-commerce business (I make Jewellery at https://kodes.me.uk) so I also have a good marketing background and I understand what it’s like to run a small business.

What services we offer

I run Kirbys of London Limited with my husband Dan Kirby. He is a designer with 20 years experience and he is the one who looks after clients’ Branding, Logo design photo retouching and reports creation, as well as producing some of the smaller websites.

I, Morena, am the web developer and deal with building and maintaining WordPress websites, as well as CRO and SEO services.

You can read about the srvices we offer below.

WordPress Website Development

Is your website outdated? Are you starting a new venture? Or simply need some changes or ongoing maintenance? Find out what we offer, from small scale to fully custom WordPress website.

SEO services

Want more traffic on your website that converts? From Keyword Research, Content guidance, to Technical SEO and in depth Google Analytics & SEO Reports, let me help you gain more traffic and visibility.

CRO Services

Getting a lot of traffic but not enough conversions? With Conversion Rate Optimisation we’ll go on a journey to deeply understand your visitors’ needs and increase your sales.


Morena makes anything technical and any jargon so easy to understand and broken down into bitesize pieces of information. Morena and I worked together through my company website and made adjustments as we went and some things which would have taken me hours to figure out took Morena minutes to sort out! It’s so nice to work with someone who is so approachable and friendly and understands exactly what you want from your website, and makes it happen! Thank you Morena.


I was migrating my website to Shopify which I built using a standard template. Morena helped me review my website and produced an SEO report. 

Morena’s report was thorough, easy to follow with lots of recommendations. I have learnt so much going through her step by step advice and my website now looks so much better both for SEO and the general usability. 

I would highly recommend Morena and will definitely use her professional service again without hesitation.

Jennifer Taylor (Hokolo London)

Morena Fiore brought SEO to life for me. She is that rare breed, someone who is very tech savvy and knowledgable and is also able to explain it to people who aren’t with clarity and interest. She answered every question that arose, ran a very enjoyable workshop with excellent notes covering the content sent afterwards. Highly recommended.

Fiona Whytehead (Locus Coaching)

Our Values

I am not your typical developer: I have excellect communication skills, I’m very honest and transparent. I genuinely want to empower my clients and make them feel like they have full control over their website.


I will always share my estimates as well as my progress with you. I have excellent communication skills, so you’ll be the the first to know when I encounter an unforeseen problem


I am very honest with my estimates and I will never push for you to get a new website if its not necessary. I always evaluate the situation to think of the best outcome for you and I will be upfront about my opinion, even when it’s not good news!


I’m personable and love to connect with my clients on a human level. I’m easy to talk to and I consider no question stupid questions. I also will explain technical concepts in the least technical way possible, often trying to relate them to your business or life.