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Who is it for

  • you would like a better understanding of how many email and/or phone enquiries are coming from your website

  • you would like to understand how many website visitors actually convert to enquiries – how many complete your contact form(s) as opposed to clicking on your email address?

  • what marketing channels are your conversions mainly coming from? One of my clients was shocked to discover that her newsletters were converting 3 times more than her social media posts

  • the above will allow you to take smarter business decisions: if emails convert more for example, you can stop spending your time and money on social media and invest it in email marketing instead

  • you would like to know exactly what social network converts the most amount of visits

  • you’d like to set up an e-commerce funnel or a non commercial funnel on your website and see at what point of the website journey are visitors dropping off

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

– Benjamin Franklin
– Benjamin Franklin

¬£ 70/h – What’s included

We’ll discuss what ways there are for your visitors to contact you. Is t only through your contact form or do you also have your email address and phone number written on your website? You can then decide if you’d like to track all of those clicks and events.

You can also go even more granular and decide to track individual Call to Action clicks on several different sales pages you might have.

We’ll then give you an estimate and go away and set up your goals and funnel if needed.

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