In-house SEO Training

 Who it is for

  • you would like yo keep SEO in-house and train your full team, from Marketing, Developers to Copywriters
  • you would like to put processes in place so that SEO becomes part of every day work and that anyone in the team and future staff can easily continue to work on SEO
  • you know your competitors are ranking would like to rank better compared to your competitors
  • you are instead a small company and you would like to learn SEO to implement the techniques yourself.
Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.
-Albert Einsteinn

Cost – on request, depending on number of delegates.

What’s included

We will have an initial call to understand what you currently do, what you have already done an what challenges you are having.

I will then go away and put together your bespoke Training as well as performing a few reports based on your needs (Keyword Research, Technical SEO report, Backlink report etc.).

We’ll then break up the training in multiple sessions if needed and we’ll meet in person or online to deliver the training. 

You will also get a personalised list of recommendations to follow, with actionable, achievable tasks assigned to different team members, sorted by priority and training on what bespoke processes to put in place to make sure SEO becomes embedded into every day work.

We’ll set a few dates in the future to regroup. You will report back on your progress.

You will then receive a final report on what has been covered in the training, what the situation was like when we started, what you have done and what to focus on in the future.

On request, you can also get a final SEO report which you can use internally and with your board of directors or investors, with instructions on how to produce the same report.  

The results…

One of the clients I have trained across the span of a year is an e-commerce company who was focusing on design and aesthetics but not SEO.

We had in depth chats and then I went away and put together their bespoke training.

I also advised them on SEO processes they could put in place, to make SEO part of their ongoing work.


They improved their position on Google by 30%

They worked hard within their time and availability linits and, within the year, they improved their position on Google by 20 places!



Their Technical SEO issues also dropped by 94%

By learning what the different Technical SEO error types are and which ones they had on their website, they were able to prevent the same kind of errors from happening again and now know how to keep on top of issues.
This starts from the person writing the copy, continues with the person uploading the content and is assisted by the web developer.

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