Kodes Generator day 2 and 3

Kodes Generator day 2 and 3

I spent day 2 coding furtively on the tube and did not really blog. I mainly tried to move each component away from styled component and to SASS. It’s been challenging,  as initially I had the Button component set up so that I could pass additional classes to the styled component and they would get added to the defualt btn class

`export default ({ className, …props }) => <Btn type=”button” className={`btn ${className? className:”}} {...props}/>;

I’ve now lost the option to pass in additional classes…

In the meantime, I am now getting the error `Warning: Directly setting property `innerHTML` is not permitted. For more information, lookup documentation on `dangerouslySetInnerHTML` which I never encountered before.

Apparently `This rule applies when innerHTML prop for a React DOM element is used.

innerHTML prop is risky because it is easy to expose your users to a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. React provides dangerouslySetInnerHTML as a replacement for innerHTML prop to remind yourself that it is dangerous.`

This is fun 🙂 It feels like I’m living on edge…

Then I stumbled on all the methods which have been renamed https://reactjs.org/blog/2018/03/27/update-on-async-rendering.html

This refactoring is proving painful, I guess it’s ever easy, I might not refactor that now though…

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