Mirror – SEO & UX website audit

Who it is for

  • your website isn’t selling or converting visits
  • you would like your website to be SEO ready
  • you would like your website to be clear and easy to use
  • you have a challenge in your business for example you might have two different audiences and you want to make sure your website is understood by both audiences
  • your website is quite old and you would like to refresh it but you don’t know where to start
  • somebody else has created your website or you have created your website and you would like some professional feedback

If your business was a restaurant, once passers-by entered your restaurant door, if you didn’t provide them with cutlery or chairs, they would simply leave.

¬£ 420 – What’s included


Like in the example given above, once Google has brought your new website visitors, if they don’t understand quickly and easily who you are, what you do and they can’t trust you from what they see, they will just leave your website.

Therefore we’ll perform an audit of your website from the point of view of SEO, Marketing and UX (user experience) best practices, to offer precious guidance that would allow you to improve your conversion rate.

We will assess your website and put together a written list of recommendations, as well as recording them in a video, explaining each point and showing you examples, including analysing your competitors.

The written list then becomes your to do list, which you can decide when and if to tackle yourself, or if to commission some of the work to us, we’ll gladly provide you with estimates.

The audit is then followed by a 1h call to answer any questions to discuss any queries you might have.

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