Parquet – Technical SEO report & fixes

Who it is for

Establish a solid foundation for your website and keep on maintaining it on a regular basis.

  • you would like to improve your website ranking
  • you would like to know how quick your website is and potentially improve speed
  • you would like to locate website structure issues and duplicate content
  • you would like to correct technical errors Google and other search engines would flag up

We come to learn that it does not pay to grieve too much over our errors. Ordinarily we try to do the best we can.

-Robert L. Masson

¬£ 250 – What’s included

We will perform an in-depth analysis and gather all issues on an Excel spreadsheet which we’ll share with you.

We will then go over all issues in a call with you and explain all you would want to know.

You then have two options: you can decide to tackle all the issue yourself, or ask us for estimates to fix any issues.

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