Etsy store feedback workshop – 25th February 2020 at Green Rooms


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How can you be sure your Etsy store is capturing the browsers’ attention?

And if you have, can you keep the browsers’ interest and transform it into a sale?

Join this FREE interactive workshop where everyone will be able to give honest feedback to each other Etsy store.


25th February 2020 6:30pm – 9pm

Green Room Hotel
13 Station Rd, Wood Green
London N22 6UW


Why should you attend this Etsy workshop?

When you are so absorbed by your work, when you look at the same thing every day, you might forget essential points which instead are key for shoppers.

Step into the customer’s shoes, help others discover something they might not be seeing. You will discover feedback from other makers who share your journey and might be a few steps ahead, but who are also customers – it will be the ultimate truth you need to get your Etsy store in shape!

Or there might be something you know you should be doing about your Etsy store, but have been putting off for a while. Hearing from others that that is exactly the main next task you should be tackling is key to progress in your business.

Each person will go round the room and write down any feedback they can give to every one else’s Etsy store on a little booklet. Everyone will then get to take home, read all the feedback and decide what stands out, what areas of their store they need to focus as a priority.

Event details

The event is completely FREE to attend, but we gently ask you let us know if you won’t be coming and to cancel your ticket, so we can allocate tickets to the waiting list.

We’ll start at 6:30pm inside the Lobby of Green Rooms Hotel, just outside Wood Green tube Station. You will need your laptop or tablet – there might not be as many power points available, but we’ll do our best.

Structure of the workshop

There will be a short introduction and we’ll dive into giving each other feedback. Afterwards you can stay for a bit of socialising – there are always great things coming out of conversations you have with fellow makers!

Food and drinks will be available to be purchased at the bar – Green Rooms has a permanent Japanese kitchen residency, they have lots of menu options from snacks to full meals – you can read all about it hereĀ


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