Find My SEO Keywords – Keyword Clarity session




When we’re working on our business day in and day out, we sometimes loose focus on core aspects of our business, without realising it. Keywords can be one of them.

“What are the right SEO keywords for my business?” you might be wondering, asking yourself if you’re going in the right direction or if you’re maybe focusing on one area of your business which is not necessarily the entry door potential new customers might take to come to your website.

Or if you’ve just started your business you might be completely overwhelmed by the world of SEO and might need a hand to navigate it, setting some key keywords so you can focus on your business growth.

In the Keyword Clarity session, we’ll spend 1h on a video call together discussing your business, taking a step back and brainstorming about your business. I’ll then go away and perform an in depth research, bringing you back a list of keywords you should be using and potentially some content ideas too.

What are keywords useful for:

  • Improving your SEO ranking (improving your position on search results)
  • attracting more customers and the right customers to your website
  • keeping focus on the right kind of content you should be writing for what your customers are looking for
  • matching the intent of potential new customer’s searches
  • delivering a clear and simple message to your visitors so they don’t get confused and abandon your website
  • provide guidance to a copy writer who can produce the best possible copy for you with SEO and your customers in mind
  • instagram, linkedIn, facebook and ads

After you book the session, I’ll be in touch via email to establish a mutually convenient time for our discovery video call.


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