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Can’t fit one of my workshops in your schedule? Want an in-depth one-to-one assessment of your website?

You can book our consultation directly here.¬†We will spend 3 hours assessing your website as we go through the workshop material (or, if you have already attended the workshop, we’ll dive deep into the assessment). This will also be an opportunity for me to cover other digital marketing and performance marketing tips for your business and target advice to your business directly.

Topics we will cover are:

  • the impact of search results
  • analysis of headings across your main pages
  • analysis of keywords across your main pages
  • analysis of type of content present on your homepage and if you sell goods or services on your website products/services listing page and product page
  • content suggestions
  • UX and trust
  • conversion rate (even if you don’t sell goods or services on your website)
  • strategies derived from your analytics data

If we run out of time, you can decide to book me for further consultations. There are so many topics I can cover and the session will flow according to your needs and your business, or changes you might put in place in the future.

Consultation Details

The meeting can be done in person in London or remotely by video/audio call. Once you have purchased the consultation, I will get in touch and we’ll find a time and place suitable for both of us.

If your website has a lot of different sections and features, choose the 6 hours option.

If you would also like a written report, choose the option “with written report”. This will cover all my findings and tips given during our session.

Please note all prices include VAT.

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3h one-to-one, 3h one-to-one with written report, 6h one-to-one, 6h one-to-one with written report

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