Specsavers – UI – JavaScript: Angular, Ionic, ES6

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I worked on global Specsavers websites for about 1.5 years when I was working at Unipro. The work was across their 11 different country websites at different given times.

I have worked on the mobile version of the contact lenses e-commerce journey using AngularJS and Ionic. The aim was to ease the UX of the e-commerce journey and serve a fast website to improve conversion rate.

I then worked on the Recommendations side of the Virtual Try On team – here the aim was to offer some products and alternatives beyond the pair of glasses tried on using the virtual technology. We used pure ES6 JavaScript and integrated a 3rd party technology from Ditto which would scan faces and over impose CGI assets of the different pairs of glasses at different angles.

Finally I also worked on the AngularJS powered store locator and booking journey with focus on speed of the pages and ease of use.

While working for Specsavers, we were implementing through agile methodology and embedding the client in each stand up and Agile ceremony. We worked very closely with the business analysts who would plan changes to the website based on stats. We also implemented GTM (Google Tag Manager) and Hot Jar functionality to capture data from the visitors and provide BAs with stats and analytics on the customers’ journeys.

My time at Unipro working for Specsavers has been great from so many point of view, including practicing Agile, improving my client facing skills and further developing an interest in SEO, analytics and customer UX and journey.


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4th January 2022

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