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From audits to monthly reports, let me help you grow your website traffic and sales.

As a web developer, I can also help you tackle any Technical SEO issues that will arise as well as creating your editorial plan and make sure your website is optimised for search engines as well as human beings.

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How I can help you

I started offering SEO services when I realised I was building websites for clients who didn’t know they had SEO tools as part of their website and also didn’t know how to use it.

Since then I started teaching SEO through workshops as well as doing SEO for my clients.

I specialise in UX (User Experience) as well as SEO because I believe in optimising the website for the human as well as for the search engine – ultimately, after you have been found on Google, it’s humans who you will need to convert into leads.

SEO is a long term project

Think Search Engines as a leaderboard of your favourite game. It will take you many games to improve your position on the board and beat your friends and for you to finesse your strategy game after game to get there.

SEO is the same: it takes time for your website to go higher on SERP (search results pages).

Our SEO Services at a glance

I’d like to use an analogy to present you with our services…

Your website is the most important business asset you have, it’s the modern day’s business card, often your storefront (and only store) so first impressions and lasting impressions are key to a successful business.

When moving in a new home, you will want to make it perfect, just for you, choosing the right flooring, paint or wallpaper and hand picking your hard and soft furnishing like doors, cushions, sofas, mirrors…

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to make your website perfect too and make it work really hard for your business.

So we’ll think of your website as your new home you’re moving into.

House Improvements – Our SEO Monthly Packages

The most important ranking factor is writing Frequently Updated Quality Content – Google wants you to prove you are an expert in your niche and your website is a good source of content for potential visitors.

After we initially establish brand pillars, our monthly packages provide you with 5 or 7 keywords each month, with a a few examples of articles written by your competitors, some SEPR questions you could also answer as part of the articles you’ll write or to be used to create multiple articles. We will also provide you with a few backlinks suggestions (websites where you should try and publish some content, making sure they add a link back to your website) and some AI generated templates for the article.

You can choose a very basic package which will only offer you keywords and content guidance, or choose a package where you also will receive in depth reports with data from Google Analytics, your conversions, e-commerce insights if you are an e-commerce business and on your SEO progress – monitoring your keywords and your visibility compared to your competitors.

You will also receive Technical reports and fixes are also included in our monthly packages.

Mirror – SEO & UX website audit

  • your website isn’t selling or converting visits
  • you would like your website to be SEO ready
  • you would like your website to be clear and easy to use
  • you have a challenge in your business for example you might have two different audiences and you want to make sure your website is understood by both audiences
  • your website is quite old and you would like to refresh it but you don’t know where to start
  • somebody else has created your website or you have created your website and you would like some professional feedback

ParquetTechnical SEO report & fixes

Establish a solid foundation for your website and keep on maintaining it on a regular basis.

  • you would like to improve your website ranking
  • you would like to know how quick your website is and potentially improve speed
  • you would like to locate website structure issues and duplicate content
  • you would like to correct technical errors Google and other search engines would flag up

Shopping list – SEO Keyword Research

  • you would like to be sure you’re using the right keywords to attract and convert the right clients
  • you have written your website copy or someone else has for you but you’re now no longer sure you’ve used the right keywords
  • you’re about to get your website copy re-written and you’d like some SEO guidance to use yourself or pass to a copywriter

WallpaperSEO Title and Meta Description writing

  • you would like to be sure you’re using the right keywords to attract and convert the right clients
  • you would like to have more control over the preview of your page shown on Google’s search results pages
  • you don’t have time to write them for all pages yourself
  • you sell very similar products and feel you’re running out of words to describe similar things over and over again
  • you have written your SEO titles and meta description yourself or someone else has for you but you’re now no longer sure you’ve used the right keywords
  • you’re about to get your website copy re-written and you’d like someone to write SEO titles and meta description for you

Google Analytics Goal setting

  • you would like a better understanding of how many email and/or phone enquiries are coming from your website

  • you would like to understand how many website visitors actually convert to enquiries – how many complete your contact form(s) as opposed to clicking on your email address?

  • what marketing channels are your conversions mainly coming from? One of my clients was shocked to discover that her newsletters were converting 3 times more than her social media posts

  • the above will allow you to take smarter business decisions: if emails convert more for example, you can stop spending your time and money on social media and invest it in email marketing instead

  • you would like to know exactly what social network converts the most amount of visits

  • you’d like to set up an e-commerce funnel or a non commercial funnel on your website and see at what point of the website journey are visitors dropping off

Home Survey – SEO reports

  • you would like to measure your (or our) SEO efforts and hard work on a regular basis

  • you would like to know what your website ranking is and track it over time

  • you would like to know what position your website takes on Google for certain keywords and track it over time

  • you would like in depth insights about your visitors, their behaviour, where they are coming from and what marketing channels convert the most

  • you would like to keep a closer eye on your competitors and gain Google real estate

The results…

One of the clients I have worked with across the span of a year is an e-commerce company who was focusing on design and aesthetics but not SEO.

I also advised them on SEO processes they could put in place, to make SEO part of their ongoing work.


They improved their position on Google by 30%

They worked hard within their time and availability linits and, within the year, they improved their position on Google by 20 places!



Their Technical SEO issues also dropped by 94%

By learning what the different Technical SEO error types are and which ones they had on their website, they were able to prevent the same kind of errors from happening again and now know how to keep on top of issues.
This starts from the person writing the copy, continues with the person uploading the content and is assisted by the web developer.

Why I am different

I won’t promise you will get to n.1 on Google in X Months’ time – SEO nowadays is so much more: it’s understanding how you can go a step beyond your competitors, how to exploit gaps in the market when it comes to keywords and backlinks and ultimately it’s about giving the best experience to your website visitors to make sure they convert into a new lead.

I often say, if your business was a restaurant at the end of an alleyway, you would place a big sign on the high street (which represents your SEO efforts and your ads) letting passers-by know your restaurant is at through the alleyway but once the visitors come to your restaurant, if you don’t provide them with chairs and cutlery, they will just leave.

That’s why I focus on the making the website easy to use and navigate so you don’t loose your visitors.

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