Here you can find what a few of my clients think about me, how I work and what we’ve achieved together.

Sam, Sun & Sky coaching

I had the pleasure of working with Morena over the past few months.  Firstly, she supported me in working through a technical issue with my website which was giving me a real headache.  Thankfully, now my head is clear and her guidance really supported me.

Secondly, I had the pleasure of attending her workshop on getting the most out of your website.  I came away with some fantastic ideas which I am putting into place right now.

Thank you Morena, your passion for your work shines through.

Juliette, Tulips Decluttering

Morena, was patient, professional and highly efficient the entire way, she is so knowledgeable that I felt confident with all her suggestions; if I had to look at how something would look (not being a creative or techy person myself) she sent me a few options and talked me through them, so I wasn’t overwhelmed with choice but could make an informed decision based on her recommendations.  It could not have been easier, and I am so grateful that I took the huge step of doing this and the results speak for themselves!

Geeta, The DLC

Morena has helped create a beautiful website for my legal practice. While I was happy with my previous website, it was an html site, which was difficult to update and had therefore become obsolete. Morena helped me create a website on Word Press, by choosing a template that was easy to build on. Not only that she gave my team back-end control and trained them on how to add information or make changes to the website, thereby ensuring that our website remains up to date at all times. Not only is Morena an expert in her field, but is also extremely easy to work with. She is responsive and makes sure that she troubleshoots any website related issues promptly. Morena has truly always been a call away, and it is this personal touch that has made working with her so enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend Morena’s services enough.

Candy, Essencial

Before working with Morena I had a very outdated design for my website and felt embarrassed about it. When I hired Morena I was looking for a new brand and look and a design which looked fresh and contemporary. When I launched my new website, I got a lot  of feedback on how much clients loved the design. I felt much more confident to direct clients to my website for more information. Morena was thoroughly organised and provided realistic timings for me to produce copy for the website and her to develop it.  Morena was flexible about making amends and quickly changed an initial design which didn’t fit with my business strategy.  What is great about working with Morena is that she is highly responsive, takes time to understand your business and brand and is very knowledgeable about SEO and what will work best on your website. On top of this Morena is a joy to work with, calm, patient and upbeat. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to launch a new website.

Why I am different

I am not your typical developer! I won’t hide behind the laptop and shy away from client meetings: I am very personable and have developed excellent client-facing skills as well as an ability to discuss and explain technical concepts in a less technical way to any audience.

I believe in empowering my clients, so I teach them how to use their website and I give them full access to their website and hosting.

I also run a product based e-commerce business (I make Jewellery at https://kodes.me.uk) so I also have a good marketing background and I understand what it’s like to run a small business.


I am not your typical developer: I have excellect communication skills, I’m very honest and transparent. I genuinely want to empower my clients and make them feel like they have full control over their website.


I will always share my estimates as well as my progress with you. I have excellent communication skills, so you’ll be the the first to know when I encounter an unforeseen problem


I am very honest with my estimates and I will never push for you to get a new website if its not necessary. I always evaluate the situation to think of the best outcome for you and I will be upfront about my opinion, even when it’s not good news!


I’m personable and love to connect with my clients on a human level. I’m easy to talk to and I consider no question stupid questions. I also will explain technical concepts in the least technical way possible, often trying to relate them to your business or life.