Wallpaper – SEO Title and Meta Description writing

Who it is for

  • you would like to be sure you’re using the right keywords to attract and convert the right clients
  • you would like to have more control over the preview of your page shown on Google’s search results pages
  • you don’t have time to write them for all pages yourself
  • you sell very similar products and feel you’re running out of words to describe similar things over and over again
  • you have written your SEO titles and meta description yourself or someone else has for you but you’re now no longer sure you’ve used the right keywords
  • you’re about to get your website copy re-written and you’d like someone to write SEO titles and meta description for you

What’s included

After we have performed the Keyword Research (Shopping List), we’ll be able to start writing your SEO titles & Meta Descriptions.

Initially we might spend around half hour per page, but as we pick up speed, we should be able to manage up to 4 pages per hour.

If you’re conscious of budget, we can help you establish what pages to prioritise.

You can also decide to only tackle a few pages per month, we work around you.


Keyword research £237.60 (or £350 if you’d like to receive the final list of keywords)
Then it’s £66/h

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Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs or if you have any questions. It’s free and we’ll spend some time getting to know each other to find out if and how I can help you.