WordPress Website Development Services

From a new website, to improving your existing one, find out how I can help you get in control of your website. Don’t know where to start? Book a call below to have a chat about your website.

About you…

You would like your website to be professional, easy to use, beautiful and to really get your message across.

You know what you want to communicate, but don’t know where to start when it comes to building and maintaining a website.

Your old website is using a platform like Wix or similar, where you have reached the limitations of their functionality. You need a new website that can grow as your business grows.

Technology might frustrate you, scare you even and you would rather do things properly.

Don’t worry I’m here to help you!


How I can help you…

I have been a web developer since 2008, although website development have always been my passion since I was a teenager.

I have worked for big London based design agencies for clients such as HSBC and Specsavers, as well as early day startups and I have specialised in building WordPress websites.

Unlike many developers, I don’t hide behind the computer and shy away from client meetings. I have developed excellent client-facing skills and have specialised in explaining technical concepts to a not so technical audience.

Since 2019 I have been helping small business owners to get control of their website at the digital agency I work at with my husband. I believe in being transparent about my estimates and work and that my clients should have full access to their website and hosting – after all, what’s the point of owning a house you don’t get given the keys for?



New website

Congratulations for starting a business! Let me take care of your new website – I specialise in WordPress websites and can build completely custom websites as well as smaller brochures websites.

Website Refresh & Audit

It has been a while since you launched your website and you’d like to refresh it? We’ll start by performing an audit to discuss what has worked so far and everything else you could have on the website to make it really work for you. Then we’ll take it from there.


Ad-hoc changes

You’ve built your website but are not quite happy with it. As a developer, I can jump in and make any ad-hoc changes you might need to take your website to the next level. From installing WordPress plugin, to writing custom plugins and custom themes.

Technical Maintenance

It is important to keep your WordPress website up to date to avoid being hacked. Let me take care of upgrading your WordPress site and plugins.

Website Management

Would you like someone to update your website’s content on a regular basis? You can count on us!

Website training

Would you like to get full control of your website? Maybe someone has built it for you and you would like to learn how to update it? I offer platform training, via Zoom and through recording. We can cover any platform.

What to expect when we build your website

Initial Free Consultation

Step 1

We’ll first have a call where we’ll discuss your needs and challenges and we can explain how we work and how we could help you. I will try and write down as many details as possible so I can then provide you with an estimate. We’ll then have a follow up call to review the estimate. Once you are happy with the estimate, we’ll need you to sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit invoice before we can get started.

Website kick off call

Step 2
One we’re ready, we’ll have a first meeting where we’ll discuss your business and your goals. We’ll choose a theme for your website and we’ll agree a website structure.

Website is built

Step 3
We’ll provide you with a Word Document containing your website structure and prompts for you to add your website copy. We’ll also ask you to gather all images we might need. This is where some of our clients take even up to two months to gather all the text and images needed. So the more ready you are for this stage, the sooner we can complete your website.
We’ll build the website, including adding your website content and we’ll have regular calls to keep track of progress and let you review each page as we go.

Final checks, then website goes live

Step 4
We’ll establish a cut off point for you to request any changes and we’ll ask you to do final checks and to review the website thoroughly. Once we get a final OK, we’ll put the website live.

Post live assistance

Step 5
Congratulations, your website is live! After your website goes live, we’ll always be available for any changes you might have. We also can train you or any other members of your staff on how to update the website.

This could be your website…

And a few more examples…

I specialise in E-commerce websites

I’ve been working on WordPress E-commerce websites since 2003 and have been running an E-commerce business myself since 2015.

Since then I’ve helped set up product based e-commerce websites like https://brassandbold.com, multi vendor marketplaces like https://urbanmakers.co.uk and worked on various projects within the Specsavers website worldwide.

Find out on the right / below how I can help create an e-commerce business that works.

Why I am different

I believe in empowering my clients, so I will always make sure you have full access to your website and even teach you how to look after your website if you’d like to.

I will always be transparent about the work I do and I’m quite realistic with my estimates.

I also love working with women and supporting them. My mission is to get more women in STEM – starting from my clients: why should technology stop you from doing what you do best?

Book a call to have a chat and see if we can be a good fit and work together.